Ox-News Review translated by Shane Graff

Bacon & Egg - Bacon & Egg are Fanduvo CD (motronrecords.com):

BACON & EGG, a duo from Missoula MT, have undertaken their first album, recorded by Tim Green in Louder Studios; because of this fact, it isn't really surprising that you find the same over-stretched Metal-riffs used by them as by the Champs. But really they have more in common with Rap than metal, mixed with an ample oblique sloping feel for rhythm, that is reminiscent of the Dead Kennedys and Punk in general, or a rhythm that one finds good in songs in general. If you can get used to this scurrilous mix, as well as to the cheap drum-machine, BACON & EGG are, to be sure, not much easier to digest, but they do develop a surprising entertainment value. With their tasteless Electro-Rap-Metal they are similarly unique to Devo back in the day, but perhaps one shouldn't place too much importance in such statements, especially when it is certain that these are the funniest White Motherfuckers since the Beastie Boys to have appropriated from good black underground music. The cover already gives the album bonus points: It features a record-album scenario with a castle, dragon and knight, done in a cheap comic book style. In the air are flying monkeys, that seem to be on loan from the Wizard of Oz.