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CD REVIEWS: The color of Blue and tasty Bacon & Egg

New CDs from Missoula, By Jeff Trainor

Central Oregon

Bacon & Egg:Bacon & Egg are Fanduvo
Wäntage USA/Motron Records

Call us suckers, but it’s just tough to resist an album with a cartoon-y drawing of an armored knight, a green dragon, a castle, and two flying monkeys (clad in gold chains and medallions a la Mr. T) on the cover—not to mention the words “Bacon and Egg” in gilded Old English script.

Once are Fanduvo is spinning, it might be the fact that most musicians take themselves so seriously these days that makes Missoula, MT’s Bacon and Egg’s debut continue to stand out as something special. True, their uniqueness stems mainly from hilariously cheesy dork-rap mated with remedial drum machine beats, organs and gratuitous metal guitar—hardly rocket science.

Still, there’s a thoroughly satisfying quality to hearing the goofy musings of a pair of music buddies, united in their quest for … hmmm … ridicule? It’s hard to tell. Anyway, tracks like “Suburban Hustler”—a hand-clappin’ Nintendo soundtrack throwback about a fly, Walkman-sporting, would-be pimp who prowls around on a Mongoose bike—serve up such perfect imagery of misplaced cool they simply must be blasted through whatever open windows are available. Sure, it might get you beat up, and it will get you laughed at, but that might be the point.

Besides a mastery of exquisitely bad rap—see (“He’s got mad moves and a sense of style/Make the other homeboys look like a dogpile”) Bacon and Egg have an appropriately loose grasp on punk rock/new wave flavor (“Sun on Thundar,” “Monsters of Rock”) and riff-laden, drunkenly psychedelic instrumentals.

Bacon and Egg are Fanduvo offers an omelet filling for everyone, and—like a greasy diner breakfast—it may be crap, but it sure tastes good.

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